Auto List Building

In just a couple of clicks you'll have your hands on a personalized email list you can use to help spread the word about your latest and greatest thing.

The system also automatically creates a number of sub-lists for you including your most common contacts and your casual contacts.

Feature rich

Build an email list from any email account you have access to. Filter, edit, update, merge, and export your lists on-demand for a full year from the date you unlock all our features!

We also provide some key statistics and automatic filtering & tagging to simplify managing your lists.

Impactful results

Email marketing works. But don't just take our word for it, check out these 25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats from the Salesforce blog or these 20 Shocking Email Marketing Stats All Business Owners Should Know from the OutboundEngine blog for some hard facts and stats.

How do you get your first users or customers?

It's simple really, you start with the people you know. Email them an tell them about your shiny new thing, about your exciting new launch, what you are trying to do, and don't forget to include how they can specifically help you out as you launch.

So what's the easiest way to actually email everyone you know? What if you only want to email the select few that you know really well? Or the select few that your shiny new thing is actually meant to connect with?

That's where Conversation List comes in.

We make it insanely easy to build email lists from your actual email history.

In addition to helping you build a master list, we tell you how many times you've interacted with each of the addresses in your email history and automatically build a number of sublists for you using those counts and statsistics.

So in just a couple of clicks you'll be able to send a personalized email introducing your awesome new thing to the group of people you've emailed with the most, a different email telling your casual contacts about your exciting new thing, and if you want, yet another version to all those people you talked with that one time about that one thing.

So what are you waiting for? You've already done the hard work of building something really start telling your world about it!

When should I use this?

There are lots of times we think our service could be helpful, but here are the 3 main use cases we've seen so far...

  1. When you are launching a new product or service and need to get your first users or customers.

  2. When you are launching a Kickstarter campaign, get featured on something like Product Hunt, or even just get some random press and need your initial backers or help spreading the word.

  3. Whenever you've got something unique, interesting, and important to share in long-form with everyone you know or at least a large subset of the people you know.

How do you get started now?

  1. Create an account

  2. Unlock all our features for just 99¢

  3. Start building & using your lists

Got more questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions or just drop us an email at info at any time.